Useful Resource: Integration and Implementation Insights

Integration and Implementation Insights offers blog posts from diverse researchers interested in “sharing concepts and methods for understanding and acting on complex societal and environmental problems.”  According the about page, the blog contains posts discussing ways of dealing with:

  • synthesis of knowledge from different disciplines and stakeholders
  • the messiness of how components of a complex problem interact, how context can be all-important and how power can stymie or facilitate action.
  • the fact that complex problems do not have perfect solutions; instead that “best possible” or “least worst” solutions are more realistic aims.
  • unknowns in order to head-off, or better manage, unintended adverse consequences and unpleasant surprises
  • how research can best support policy and practice change
  • how to educate the next generation to better deal with complex problems
  • how to make effective ways of dealing with complex problems a more central part of the academic mainstream in both research and education.

Recent posts include:

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