Useful Resource: Urban Institute Health Policy Center

The Urban Institute conducts economic and policy research to offer analyses and recommendations to “”understand and solve real-world challenges.” Its Health Policy Center explores the United States’ health care problems and costs, evaluates how public policies affect lives and communities and provides insight into reforms.  The approach taken includes

  • Health Insurance Policy Simulation Model to forecast the effects of policy changes on insurance costs and coverage and on employers and individuals.
  • Analysis of data from major federal surveys to identify trends in health care coverage, costs, access, and quality.
  • Where federal and state surveys lack information, they collect and analyze qual­itative data through case studies and conduct surveys to track health insurance coverage and health outcomes in real time.
  • Provision of technical assistance to state and local policymakers as they put policies and programs into practice.
  • Study of disparities in access to care—by race and ethnicity and socioeconomic status, across states, and between public and private insur­ance—identifying where gaps exist and how to close them.

The Health Policy Center’s web portal provides access to publications, project descriptions, and blog posts. Recent publications include:

Visit the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center to learn more.