CHA Led Project: Container Gardening

container-1On November 11, 2016, Barbara Hodnett, Community Health Worker (CHA) with the Center for Healthy Communities, launched the container gardening project at Bethel AME Church. Design to help individuals living on low/fixed incomes and land poor or apartment dwellers, the container project provides an opportunity for participants to learn:

  • How to build a container garden
  • How to plant and care for their gardens, including herb gardens and how to grow plants from seeds
  • How to use recycled household products for gardening

The series of four classes are being taught by Denise Heubach of the Mobile County officecontainer-2 of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. The goal is to improve the nutritional food value for families at a lower cost while also assisting participants to increase their self-efficacy. Ms. Hodnett hopes to publish a cookbook from recipes submitted by participants in the container gardening project.

Learn more about the CHA program.