Labor Market Health Care Project

In 2006, Dr. Kenneth Hudson, Associate Professor of Sociology and Social Work, began work on the Labor Market Health Care Project to examine the relationship between employment and health care. The project consists of two parts:

  • The Labor Market Health Care Survey (LMHCS)  focused on a small sample longitudinal study of employment and health care in high poverty neighborhoods in Mobile County.
  • Examination of the Current Population Survey (CPS) data assessing the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) on health insurance coverage in the United States.
Pictured from left to Right: Timothy Linthicum, marcellus Hudson, Kenneth Hudson, Alan Akira, Andrea Hudson, and Errol Crook. Not shown: Marcus Mitchel and Destini Smith

To date, the LMHCS research team has collected data from 230 participants regarding their employment and health care. The employment data includes information about the participant’s jobs over their life course, and whether or not their jobs have provided them with health insurance.  We have also collected information about the participant’s health care provider and the health care services they receive.

We find that many of our participants have jobs that do not provide them with health insurance. Those that have employer provided health insurance frequently do not have it over their life course. This reality is important considering that health insurance coverage and having a personal relationship with a medical doctor is a key predictor of whether or not the diagnostic testing for diabetes and heart disease.

The second component of the project, our analysis of data from the CPS, shows that the ACA has greatly reduced the proportion of adult Americans without health insurance. Most of the reduction has resulted from the expansion of the Medicaid program.

Publications and presentations resulting from the project include:


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Conference Presentations

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