Improving Population Health by Working with Communities: Action Guide 3.0

From the Report released by the National Quality Forum:

The United States ranks lower than many other developed nations on health outcomes, faces unsustainable healthcare costs, and continues to struggle with significant health disparities. To address these issues, the National Quality Strategy is driving action to foster healthier people and communities, better healthcare, and more affordable care. Improving population health by working together is an essential part of the solution. In collaboration with a multi-stakeholder Committee and 10 groups at the regional and community levels working on population health improvement across the country, the National Quality Forum developed the Action Guide with funding from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The Action Guide is a framework to help multi-sector groups work together to improve population health by addressing 10 interrelated elements for success and using the related resources as needed. Like a “how-to” manual, the Action Guide is organized by these 10 elements and contains definitions, recommendations, practical examples, and a range of resources to help communities achieve their shared goals and make lasting improvements in population health. It is intentionally brief and written in plain language to be as accessible as possible for all types of stakeholders at the local, state, regional, and national levels to take action.

The Action Guide’s 10 key elements are:

  • Collaborative Self-Assessment
  • Leadership Across the Region and Within Organizations Audience-Specific Strategic Communication
  • A Community Health Needs Assessment and Asset Mapping Process
  • An Organizational Planning and Priority-Setting Process
  • An Agreed-Upon, Prioritized Set of Health Improvement Activities
  • Selection and Use of Measures and Performance Targets
  • Joint Reporting on Progress Toward Achieving Intended Results
  • Indications of Scalability
  • A Plan for Sustainability

Download the full Action Guide.