Communities Are Using a Powerful Tool to Journey Toward Better Health

From the article by Kate Konkle on the Culture of Health Blog:

…Data is a powerful tool in any community’s work to build a Culture of Health. A good place to start looking for data is the County Health Rankings, a collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin, because it compiles health stats on nearly every county in the nation. Other sources, such as federal, state and local departments of health, education, labor, and parks and recreation also provide useful statistics. In some cases, I advise communities to consider collecting their own data, either because the information they want isn’t already collected, or because existing sources don’t provide the rich level of detail they need about particular populations or issues.

Ways to put data to good use:

  • Assess needs and set goals
  • Inform efforts and measure progress
  • Promote collaboration and integrate services

Read the full article to see examples of how data can be used to make a difference.