Good Source for Community-Engaged Scholarship Resources

Sponsored by the Community-Campus Partnership for Health,  Community-Engaged Scholarship for Health ( provides a place for peer-review and dissemination of products other than journal articles developed through community-engaged scholarship. Such products include videos, manuals, and curricula. maintains an editorial staff and board and follows “a rigorous peer review process based on accepted standards of scholarship.”

Products published on the website can be accessed in two ways:

  • Browse by category allows users to scan products based on a variety of criteria including general topics (e.g. Allied Health or Social Work), specific topics (e.g. Access to Health Care or Program evaluation), specific populations (e.g. Homeless or Prisoners), methodological approaches, resource type, or product type.
  • Product Search provides a search interface using keywords, title, methodological type, resource type, and/or product type.

There is also an open invitation for researchers or community members to submit products for review.

Visit the website to find out more about the resources available.